Assetto Corsa Special Stage Route 5 versión vastchapa ,GT 2,CLUBMAN

Assetto Corsa Special Stage Route 5 versión vastchapa ,GT 2,CLUBMAN 5.20

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Hi, our friend JBolho has created a nice patch for people who want the track with less reflections, more grip, tight track lights and especially the tunnel lighting (true RGB value for fluorescent street lights and less blind glare from the eyes

Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_special stage route 5_17-7-120-3-13-17.jpg

Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_special stage route 5_17-7-120-3-12-58.jpg

Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_special stage route 5_17-7-120-3-12-27.jpg

Hello for people who have problems with the tunnel light, I recommend the mod that I use,it fits it quite well .

hello friends I bring you the CLUBMAN layout I hope you like it ;);)
Screenshot_ks_ferrari_330_p4_special stage route 5_15-7-120-16-48-57.jpg

Screenshot_ks_porsche_917_30_special stage route 5_5-7-120-15-49-17.jpg

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  1. Assetto Corsa CLUBMAN Special Stage 5

    clubman circuit
  2. Assetto Corsa Special Stage Route 5 versión vastchapa ,GT 2

    new version
  3. Assetto Corsa Special Stage Route 5 vastchapa versión

    Hotlap fix, on time you can play the hotlap version without any problems of the car falling

Latest reviews

Disappointed, I remember better feelings in my old Gran Turismo. Thanks for trying.
I am happy to have this map rather than not at all and while I respect that this is a mod and you as the creator are free to do with it as you will; I am also entitled to state my opinion.

I believe it'd be better for you to focus on making it feel like the original Gran Turismo map and personally I don't like the liberties taken with the other version. SSR5 is very clearly based on Japanese express routes and yet you make it all Spanish/Mexican with graffiti everywhere and fast food ads. I think if you made a different map with that sort of aesthetic it would be fine but people want the Gran Turismo map feel, not some halfway house between Tokyo and god knows where else.

Sorry for the criticism but it is just how it makes me feel. Other than that, obvious we need the feeling of being in a city either through the background or with buildings and lights being added in. The ideal version to base it on is GT3 or GT4 imo and I believe they had dashed lines for lanes. Using assets as a reference will be good for making this map as immersive as possible and while the road itself is quite good, the actual feel of the map is sterile and empty.

Loved SS R5 and CS R5. Question-- do you think you could do GT3-era SS R11 and the Complex String?
Great work guys, love the graffiti in the tunnel! The airplane might crash, it's flying low and fast and skewed to one
Looks better than the fisrt releases but needs a couple of things:

1 - Tunnel lights are too bright
2 - Tarmac texture is very low-res
3 - Tarmac looks too "wet", needs a bit less reflection.

Keep up the good work though, congratulations on the progress.
Gracias =)
really nice track, just only 4 starts because of map track bug ( only work on gran turismo layout) and because of the tarmac ( too shinny and not seem to be really realistic) but good work btw
Really nice. I like the wet look. The Porsche likes that one also. Thanx
The clubman layout was a great inclusion!
Wow man, thx for this track. Loved it since GT 1. Any plans to do the other Clubman stages and Midfield raceway. <3

Best regards and keep up the good work :)
I have a 2016 Porsche that just loves that track. Thanks for the fix.
the grafitti and the random crap on the billboards knock this down more than a point or two.
Muy bien hecho! Por cierto, soy muy fan de los toques españoles que le diste a la pista XD. Estaría bien meter una skin a la pista que tenga ya todo lo original del Gran Turismo 2, incluido el tunet de la penúltima recta. Pero eso es decisión tuya. 10/10 igualmente
This is a great track. Extremely fun to drive around. Worthy of 5 stars in my opinion. I believe improvements can make this track even better like textures, more advertisements. I hope you continue to improve this track and create more gran Turismo based tracks.

Here is a lap around the track you may enjoy.
very good lap tries 1:10 with that car and I put a billboard on the circuit with your name ;)
Good job, many thanks!
Buen acercamiento a la esencia GT. ¿ tordesillas a coruña? en serio? XD
claro hay que dejar la marca española
Pretty good track. Not massively a fan of the liberties taken with the texture work on the scenery but nothing a track skin can't fix :)

Why is there a junk AMG C32 mod left in there that overwrites the proper road car though? Almost caught me by surprise hehe
well later we'll bring a patch for landscape and change some texture,like make the circuit
Clubman Stage Route 5 the car is a small gift from the house who wants it well, and the one who does not erase it thanks
gracias a ty
Sweet! Any chance you´re planning to put more lights on track?
if I would like,what happens that everyone can not play with so many lights drop of fps ram 99% happens the same with the details many polygons 'Ram 99% thanks
This brings back nice memories from GranTurismo. Why did you change the location (signs) from Tokyo to some Spanish city?
I'm Spanish ok

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