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Assetto Rally - Ranking 75+ stages 2023-04-21

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I decided to rate every free AC rally stage I got so far, based on:
1. Graphics, 2. Layout, 3. Difficulty, 4. Replay mode, 5. Immersion. The motive of this work was to segregate the Assettorallygrb tracks.

All the "tracks" are from: Racedepartment, Assettorallygrb and Assettocorsaclub, but Col de Turini by Gabenhood from Youtube.

Any absent could be because:
I missed the track (mainly from Racedepartment).
It was unfinished or boring (mainly from Assettorallygrb which I test almost every track).
It was a broken file (like Zelezniki from AC club).

There is 3 pdf files, a 5 stars, a 4 stars and a honorable mentions, touge and simtraxx. Stages are in alphabetical order, with a small description, its rating and 3 to 5 screenshots to have an idea how it looks like.

I have not included any link, it's not difficult to find any of the stages by searching on this 3 sites.

I enjoyed this 3 days journey, I hope you like it too.

PS: Running all this tests I wish for a feature/mod that was missing from AC rally to seal the whole package. We need a mod to reproduce fake AI timings (based on AI fast line, I guess). The way I see this, is like when AC generates practice and qualify timing even when you choose to skip the session. The problem is how to add a car list but not include them in the race.

Latest reviews

nice idea thanks for the share.
Really cool list, thanks! Btw, that "german/alsatian vibe" you mention is just regular northern spain vibe. It rains a lot and it's cold here, and it's all very green:), speaking of which, you should try and add this one:
Oh I had afm, I missed it at honorable mentions, I couldn't like its low resolution textures, the stage is a blast tho. thanks for suggesting this one.

Now about Spain, I blame RACC as it is presented in rally games :P
so I classified stages like Teixeta as more Spanish and the others as Alsatian even if I know that it isn't.
Nice job
Thank you very much!

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