Aston Martin Vantage GT4 - Ascot Hornet

Aston Martin Vantage GT4 - Ascot Hornet 1.1

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Hello guys, Lingenieur here.

During my still very young simracing carrer i made livery for myself time to time, for racing in some leagues event or championship and this one is one of them.


This was my first ever ACC livery. I wanted to adapt my Original AC Aston Martin to the game. This car is very important to my as its my first ever championship car. I drove it a lot and i like it. So it was naturally thhe best starting point fort my ACC livery experience


This livery meant a lot to me, and i always enjoy driving it around the track of the championship with nostalgia.


This skin can also work on the Guerilla GT4 Mod for the original Assetto corsa.

Dynamic rear.png

Hope you will enjoy it.

Dynamic Front.png

Latest updates

  1. Unfindable skin fix

    Just added the car file to the skin so the car is findable in ACC.

Latest reviews

Very nice!
Thank you.
some GT4 love, thank you
Love your Work man , please if you can make some skind for the FSR Radical SR10 car by Ex mods

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