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Audi for MyTeam [Modular Mods] 1.2

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Hi Friends,
today i present my version of Audi F1 Team Launch livery. I'd tried my best to do it close to real as possible.
This is only the Skin, with some "Maybe Sponsors";) nothing more.
I do not plan to do other skins or any updates. If you find somthing wrong, feel free to tell me (but i do not promisse anything), or do it by yourself.
So, as a little Bonus, there is also a start screen in it.
Modular Mods is required !

Enjoy !

Latest updates

  1. AUDI Logo on nose.

    forgot to insert Audi Rings on the nose, so here it is.
  2. Audi for MyTeam 1.1

    Did some corrections of sidepod stripes and positions.

Latest reviews

Excellent mod! Probably the best lookin and accurate iteration of the Audi Showcase car. I love the new update as well, very important quality of life improvement. Thanks. I hope you'll continue to update it into a full package but no pressure haha its already perfect as it is. Thanks, can't wait what mod you have planned in the future, I'm excited. Cheers
Thank you very much !
So, i have a full package for privat use, but it is a mix of others work, with some reskins for my personal need.
So, at the moment there is nothing in mind, to build it "from scratch" for the whole team package.
But, who knows...

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