Audi R8 LMS Evo II 2022 - CoinSpot #65 Bathurst 12 Hours 2022

Audi R8 LMS Evo II 2022 - CoinSpot #65 Bathurst 12 Hours 2022 1.0

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photo (c) Audi Media Center


another one of the Audi machines competed in Bathurst 12 Hours 2022, Coinspot #65 driven by Liam Talbot/Chaz Mostert/Fraser Ross.

like the previous Valvoline the 100% matched replica couldn't be achieved. like no Fox Sports/Seven Networks on windows because it's not the main body part and Coinspot on hood and G-Lux on trunk a bit altered in order to not be overlapped by Audi badge

you may either just put it straightforward into your Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione folder, or delete the decals_0 and sponsors_0 first so you can generate the dds yourself.

Donation is welcome, if you need a custom liveries, mail me at (fast response for going through email) or just DM me.


Latest reviews

Great rocket machine! Thank You!
Great skin, mind if I convert it to AC?
Great job again! Looking crisp.
Top Job
Better than I had expected!! Awesome job mate..THANK YOU!! I have just sent Liam Talbot some pics and video footage I made using Bathurst and mentioned you...he's racing the Porsche series this weekend so not sure if he's checking his phone but I also sent something to his wife about it (we chat on insta) so she might tell him. Im excited!
Love it! Pls more from Bathurst 12 Hours!

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