Audi R8 LMS - PF livery

Audi R8 LMS - PF livery 1.0.0

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This is my first mod that I publish online, this livery is for the Audi R8 LMS (GT3) car. If I can get positive feedback, I will try to create more skins on different cars.

Please give me feedback and suggestions for new liveries I should make.
pCARS64 2015-06-05 19-09-20-96.jpg
pCARS64 2015-06-05 19-09-32-86.jpg
pCARS64 2015-06-05 19-09-38-08.jpg
pCARS64 2015-06-05 19-09-40-66.jpg
pCARS64 2015-06-05 19-09-46-24.jpg

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Quite nice, and fairly unique. I especially like the white bottom half on the sides that show the sponsor decals well.

Only the triangles on the roof look a bit.. unfinished. Maybe this part could be made more cohesive to the rest of the car somehow..?

Thanks for your effort.. I'm still adding it to my garage!

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