Audi TT Cup 2015 skins pack

Audi TT Cup 2015 skins pack 1.27.3

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27 liveries from 2015 season for Kunos Audi TT Cup. All regular drivers, and one livery per number for quest drivers (93-99). Skins are 2K. All skins have driver names and countries and skin.ini for relatively real driver outfits. Download gloves pack, Freem, so gloves work with all drivers. Some drivers have custom helmets, suits and gloves



Latest updates

  1. 1.27.3

    - driver suit - new livery.png - new - custom helmet and gloves for #89 - few small...
  2. improved #99 skin

    adjusted bonnet, colors, alpha, reflection map to make it more accurate
  3. Jordi Gené car was wrong color

    fixed Jordi's car which was black which is slightly the wrong shade of red. Few tweaks to some...

Latest reviews

loving it!!!!
Thank you, #49 Sebastian Landy is my cousin, so this is pretty Sweet! :)
Great work! Thank you!
Many, many thanks for your amaizng work !. Please consider making 2017
full grid, 5 stars!
Full grid yaaaayyy!
Thanks so much and yeah, it would be great to see more, like the other two seasons, especially the 2017 season with Mikel Azcona. ;)
GREAT! Thank You!
Yes pls make the full grid, that would be awesome!
Great skins ; thank you.
I would have been happier if these have been in 4K...
excellent! please keep going for a full grid!
great work! nice to see more skins for that car
Nice to have additional skins for this car, thanks for your work

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