Auto24ring, Estonia

Auto24ring, Estonia v2.0

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Here’s my second track for AC, this time it’s Auto24ring in Estonia.

And a hotlap video:

Track description:
auto24ring is the only road racing circuit exclusively used for car and motorcycle racing in Estonia and is the only racing circuit in the Baltics that has FIA Grade 4 license.

auto24ring has a meandering layout through the curves and straights in total track length of 3.2 kilometres, providing an excellent and safe driving experience for both professionals and beginners. Many drivers have said that this is the best race circuit in Nordic that’s why the circuit has a slogan: “Probably the best race track in Nordic.”

Track specs:
Length: 3170m, witdh: 14m, pitboxes: 23.

Track’s 3D quality is ensured by using LIDAR data with aerial photographs and working through many images and videos. It is also approved by the track owners, making it the official version represented in Assetto Corsa.

I’ve also created auto24ring’s official car Toyota G86 skin.

Available here: GT86 Auto24ring Skin.rar
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Latest updates

  1. auto24ring v2.0

    Update to v2.0 done by Zwiss: - Optimization for GPU and CPU. - expansion to 32 grid slots -...
  2. Fixed texture load error

    Version 1.2 changelog: - fixed corrupt wood texture dds files, which should fix track load...
  3. Fixed one banner flicker, used official Armco barrier profile

    Fixed one banner flicker, seen from start-finish straigh till first corner. Replaced metal...

Latest reviews

Can someone restore old version of Sauga ring? Without sound barriers and with tyre walls, also different configuration and better environmental and nature? New version is too clean, lack of emotional aspect.
My memories back in 90's and early 20's when all was less restricted, more fun. 320is fight b/w Soomer and Bergmann and later or other class Soomer e46 GTR really fast going.
10 years later I drove golf2 gti and e36 m3 at this track, yeah not too easy, there are some complex sections, especially fast left hander IRL.
Amazing track, I'm Estonian and I have driven here with an M2 back in 2018, really accurate and amazing, thank you for making this masterpiece
Awesome track, waiting for the Porschering update!
Another little gem hidden at the bottom of the Racedepartment chest that doesn't deserve to be forgotten...
Thanks for your work, amazing to have it in a sim.
As written by others, would be cool if you could update the branding. Maybe in conjuction with the guys in who ported this to rF2.

Also, I made a side-by-side comparison of this track vs a real Porsche Driving Experience at the real track
Needs update as the name changed to Porsche Ring :D
very cool
I just tested your track and had no issues with fps. I was getting 144fps the whole time. really nice track very enjoyable to drive. Thank you !
As a local, I can say that this track is accurate and fun to drive!
Excellent work! Graphically, everything looks incredibly realistic, no bizarre artifacts or rough edges, great textures and attention to detail. Keep it up!
nice update, thanks my friend !!!
Very accurate track, coming from a local. Overall perfect!
One of the worst optimized tracks I have ever seen, absolutely unplayable with AI. A shame, because otherwise it would be a really good track, 4-5 stars for sure.
Thank you
Looks and drives nicely but completely tanks fps like no other track out there.
Quite impressed with how good this mod looks, high quality and a fun layout as well. Thank you!

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