Autodromo Internacional de Codegua

Autodromo Internacional de Codegua 0.6

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Autódromo Internacional de Codegua version beta 0.6

Track originally created by Mauricio Hervé for rFactor, and converted, with permission, to Assetto Corsa by Joaquin Petit Saa

This track features:
-32 pitboxes
-8 layouts
-Physical mesh for better FFB
-Semaphores similar to the real ones
-A lot of details added and fixes made to the original track, in order to add more immersion and make it more similar to the real track

Some bugs I will try to fix in future versions:
-Some bumps, especially in the first chicane
-Collision on the pits structures

Many thanks to @Zanko Maldonado y Sergio Avalos for the pics of the track

If you like this track, and want to support me, any donations will be really appreciated







Latest updates

  1. Autodromo Internacional de Codegua beta 0.6

    New version beta 0.6 -In the update 0.5.9 I uploaded, by mistake, a low polygon version of the...
  2. Autodromo Internacional de Codegua beta 0.5.9

    New version beta 0.5.9 -Added some kerb extensions, to make it more accurate to the real life...
  3. Autodromo Internacional de Codegua beta 0.5.5

    Quick fix, beta 0.5.5 -Re-scaled the mountains background, now there shouldn't be any issues...

Latest reviews

estimado muy buen circuito, ojalá lo pueda seguir mejorando, ayuda un montón para los que planean ir a los trackdays, lo que necesite en que pueda ayudar para que optimice aún más el circuito, estoy a su disposición. Salu2
Beautiful track, quite good work but a big problem: cars on the left side of the grid don't start properly (the 5th,7th and 9th doesn't start at all)!
Very cool race track, thank you !
Excelente circuito, te quedo perfecto estimado , saludois
Excelente trabajo. La ia hace cosas raras al inicio de la carrera, podrias corregirlo por favor? muchas gracias.
Gracias! La IA tiene problemas, arreglaré eso para la próxima actualización
This feels very complete. Highly detailed, great visuals, and 8 distinct layouts. Excellent track.
Good. But don't use numbers or points on the track folders. Each time we update to a newer version, our records and miles revert to zero. Also, CM doesn't like folder and files names to have capital letters on them. Thanks.
In earlier updates some bugs appear when overwriting the files, that's why I decided to use numbers and keep the track versions separated. I didn't know about the capital letter problem., will have in mind for the next update. Thanks!
Muchas gracias por la pista! ayuda mucho a los que queremos ser profesionales. Saludos!
Se pegó un salto bueno, interlomas también. Saludos!
¡¡¡¡Felicitaciones!!!!, excelente, cada vez más parecido al real.
Good Track and nice physics. PROBLEM: Largo A Track can not be driven because ai line might be missing. All other layouts can be done. Why? Who can help me?
Thanks! I will check the problem and post an update
excelente , muy buen mapa
Nice one . Thanks for Your work
Thank you very much
Obviously a lot of time spent on this. Nice production. Green map arrow flying around the screen. Map has serious issues. If you can straighten out the maps, I'll give you 10 stars. Thanks.
Thanks for noticing the bug, can you post a pic of it? I don't know why but can't recreate it to found where the error is and make a quick fix
Higly improved, looking much better, no more flickering background. Thanks for sharing ! ;-)
Muchísimas gracias!!! viva Chile :)
muchas gracias amigo
Descargando... se ve muy bueno esto! grqaacias al creador de este circuito

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