Automobilista 2 Trail Brake King for SimHub

Automobilista 2 Trail Brake King for SimHub v1.0

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Master your Trail braking with this low profile HUD/Overlay.
Test for unwanted spikes
Train your muscle memory to brake correctly, with quadrants to guide precise braking.

Can be bordered as illustrated, or set to transparent.
Transparent Accelerator, Brake and current gear.
Current Speed.

This HUD was designed to help keep the most important information in your peripheral vision until it becomes second nature, and help test for unwanted spikes that you might not be aware of.


Within AMS2: Performance Window mode=Borderless.

Extract the file and then simply import it into SimHub.
Move the Overlay to your preferred screen co-ordinates.
To make it fully transparent, simply click the circular icon within the dash.

As with all SimHub dashboards/overlays, they are completely resizeable.

One Final note:
Although SimHub is FREE unfortunately after a given period (5 mins or more) its output will be limited to a much lower FPS. This Dash heavily relies on full frame rate.

The antidote is to donate to the project. An excellent project it is.


Latest reviews

tx mate
Love it... Thankyou....

I made a personal minimal version that just focuses on the brake inputs... Great addition to my simhub overlay!!!

As for the other review noting the jerkiness of it, I believe that might be because they are using the unlicensed version and get everything at 10fps not 60 fps...
Glad you liked it, yeah I have a few different versions myself that I switch between. :)
As you say the unlicensed version of Simhub caps the framerate which is less than optimal for this HUD, fortunately Simhub can be purchased for as little as £5.27
Thanks for the review.
I like it SO MUCH.
Cheers for the review.
although the "animation" is choppy. It's not super smooth.
I'm happy still.
I am not sure about the animation, I will look into it.
Thanks for taking your quality time to inform me there may be an issue.

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