Autumn Ring

Autumn Ring 1.1

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This is a conversion of the rFactor circuit by Madcowie and Lasercutter.

Autumn Ring is a fictional circuit from the Gran Turismo series. The normal variant is 2.9km long, while the mini circuit is only 1.3km. Due to the short length It is more suited for slower cars, but there can be some good GT3 racing on the longer circuit.

This version has full working AI, track cameras and track map.


To install, extract the "autumnring" and "autumnringmini" folders from the 7z archive and place them into "Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks"

Latest updates

  1. Update 1.1

    Changes in v1.1: - Fixes to collisions around the circuit - Smoothed some bumpy corners - Fixed...

Latest reviews

thank you.
Thanks for converting this nice Gran Turismo track, fun to drive, map is working, no real complaints.
Great work, a wonderful track and a joy to be able to ride on it again. Thanks.
Thank you!
One of the best tracks in here... Excellent work! Can you add light points for night driving?
One of my favorite track in Gran Turismo. Thank you
Memories.... i love it!
small and great. feels good, looks good, flows good. many thanx
Excellent track , top class job now for the more gt tracks please:)
Fantastic, really captures the atmosphere of GT fantasy tracks.
More GT tracks please!
good job thank you
Amazing! Wish there were more gt tracks in AC :)
Take the Caterham around here... it's a blast.

Great track, whether you played Gran Turismo or not, but the kerbs in the "twiddly" but are brutal. Driver beware!
good conversion
Excellent track , top class job now for the more gt tracks please:)
Not bad, needs a performance fix.
Pixels everywhere! Low quality and low poly. Textures very low.
I am sorry but this is totally arcade, Not for this game.
Top notch update meng!

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14.3 MB
First release
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4.47 star(s) 34 ratings

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