AXA Porsche 996 (pack wip)

AXA Porsche 996 (pack wip) 1

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I don't know what the rule is regarding posting link's to Patreon etc so you'll have to search for the car yourself! should be easy enough "101creative patreon" should be enough!

Note that this is my first ever livery for AC, So there might be some mistakes in the way the folder is made and how the livery was made, If you notice any of that and have the knowledge with skinning do please let me know so i can fix it.

Since 101creative recently released their 2004 Porsche 996 Cup car i decided that it would be time to get around to re-creating all of those Cup cars that ran in the SPEED GT series.

Currently there are only 1 skin, But this will be updated over time.

As of right now it contains only Robin Liddell's #66 livery. It's NOT accurate. Due to how hard it was to find all decals some of them are simply not accurate & if you do happen to have high quality images of Liddell's car, or any of the SPEED GT Porsches that ran from 2004 to 2005/2006 please do let me know.

There are plans to put this on 101creatives 2006 cup car but there isn't an good template for it.
Current "completed" drivers
Robin Liddell #66
Current "wip" drivers
Ricardo Imery #64

Images can be found here. Apparently 6mb images are to large for this website?

Ian Munroe for SPEED GT banner and B&M numplate
Aqua on the FRM discord for the SPEED GT decals
Stoney Zamboni for RACER Magazine decal
Clydeyellow for the 90's tire textures

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Love it, thank you!
Nice to see more skin for this car ! Thanks for sharing
Nice one. Thanks for the work.
loving it!!!! how can I donate?
No need to donate. Imo the quality isn't fully there to justify taking payment of any kind. Especially when most of it is just taking decals off the internet in png format & plastering it on the car lol.

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