BACC - Unbound (Better Arcade Chaser Camera) for CSP

BACC - Unbound (Better Arcade Chaser Camera) for CSP 1.0

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Welcome back!
Today I present to you my new BACC Mod, inspired by NFS Unbound.
With this camera, you'll have high dynamism of Unbound movement with high sensation of speed.

Here are some characteristics:
  • Extra Dynamic FOV
  • Acceleration/braking kick
  • Lateral rotation
  • Slightly moved forward camera pivot
  • Horizontal and vertical shift
  • High stability, also at high speeds
  • FOV limiter over 300kmh (for super fast cars)
  • Reduced FOV flickering

Install Instructions:
Automatic - Content Manager:
Drag the .zip into the Content Manager window
Open the hamburger menu (3 horizontal line icon) from the top and click "Install"
Extract the "extension" folder into your "\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\" folder.

Then, in Content Manager:
Navigate to Settings -> Custom Shaders Patch -> Chaser Camera
Ensure that the Chaser Camera extension is Active, and change the script to BACC - Unbound

Recommended Chaser Camera settings in Content Manager:
Navigate to Settings -> Assetto Corsa -> Chaser Camera
Distance: 2.8m
Height: 1.3m
Pitch: 3.4

Recommended Controls settings for Gamepad in Content Manager:

Navigate to Settings -> Assetto Corsa -> Controls
Speed sesitivity: 70%
Steering speed: 1%
Steering gamma: 130%
Steering filter: 5%
Steering deadzone: 15%

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Works best with CSP 1.79


BACC - Unbound at 0 kmh


BACC - Unbound at 300 kmh


Based on A-spec e Kirbycam chaser cameras made by Kirbyguy22

Aliex85 - Script
Kirbyguy22 - Script
x4fab - Base camera script

Latest reviews

Amazing mod
This is way better than default CM cameras and I like how it has not the pitch glued to the car suspension. it feels like a real stabilized third person game camera. One thing that arcade games from EA have captured well it is the third person cameras and you just adapted this feel into assetto corsa flawlessly. Thanks for sharing this mod.
Crazy how much this changes the feeling of driving! Very cool
Love this mod! Makes driving way more engaging and adaptive. The only thing I'm missing is the smooth orbital camera I got from x4fab's basic chase camera.. you know for those cinematic pans lol Is there anyway you could add back that function instead of snapping to each side OR is there a way for me to copy paste some lines from x4fab's script over to make it work? I'm a noob, so I wouldn't know what lines to look out for :p
Thank you i needed this :)
Awesome mod! thanks for sharing!!
Très bien, merci !!!
Thank you for sharing
Beautiful work as always, can you tell me what ppfilter are you using
Thank you!
It's my own ppfilter, I'll be posting it on this site soon, I just need to do some optimizations :)

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