Balatonring – Sávoly

Balatonring – Sávoly 1.1

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Hi All,

A new circuit, also modded from scratch.
An actual project, unfortunately abandoned in 2008, to bring MotoGP in Hungary.

Location: Sávoly (Hungary)
FIA Grade-1
Length: 4.650m
Width: 16m

The mod has:

  • Pit Boxes
  • Full compatibility with SOL, Custom Shaders Patch, and Content Manager.
  • Replay Cameras
  • GrassFX and RainFX support
  • Night lighting.
  • AI Lines.
  • Unique 3D models of kerbs, pits and other buildings.
Attached some pictures; some more videos are also available at:


Latest updates

  1. Balatonring V1.1

    Version 1.1 out now! What's new: - Improved Textures - New track surface, removing all bumps...

Latest reviews

Thanks for this update.
This circuit really needed some extra realism.

Really appreciated!
Good start, but feels a bit unfinished to me. The road textures could use some work and there are a few elevation changes that don't feel very realistic to me. Some more:

- flickering of the Aramco/Videoton banners hanging from the posts when driving with the stands on the right side and on the home straight
- flickering of the material high in the stands (intentional?)
- weirdly flowy elevation changes after the Crypto dot com bridge (completely unsettled the car I was driving)
- no penalty for going outside white lines
- flickering in the fence on the left side just before the Crypto bridge
- white line on the straight renders only a few cars lengths ahead of you
- could use a more detailed physical mesh, especially in the corners
- are the kerbs really this wide?

Did four laps with an Aventador SV, 1:56.665 best without using any track map. Like the layout and the detailed grandstand building though!
Version 1.1 adresses these issues, I was already working on it but thanks for your feedback.

The material in the stands is a reflecting surface (glass) so it's not flickering... what are your graphic set-ups?
Great job! I recommend to everyone!

I also made a Fantasy race, it was great!
Really cool video!
Awesome track =)
Among these circuits that have never been used for races, can you create the Kymiring circuit in Finland (it was to host MotoGP but was also to have the grade 1 for F1) ?
Thanks for the feedback.
I'm working on other circuits at the moment, but why not in the next months :D
Nice job.
I wasn't aware of this project.

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