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Base tracks Dx9'ed 1.1

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It has annoyed me for a very long time the slightly dull looks the gtr2 tracks have.
Known for a couple of years that part of that was faults in the dx9 shaders.
been trying to fix it with shaders updates but changing the shaders always created unwanted side effects.
You can see in the readme texts included what I have done and how to do it on other tracks.

To install just open the archive and copy all files over.
Only Anderstorp got texture files the rest of the tracks only got the gmt's changed / updated.

I have included a set of skies mainly from Race 07 but North is a mix.
The skies will improve the otherwise dull middag looks most Gtr2 track got.
But you can use any set of skies you want.
The skies GMT included here default to DX9. The base tracks are a mixed bag of dx7, dx8 and dx9.

Use ether the included GFX.GTR or the standard gfx.gtr as the gfx 1.70 I have uploaded hee on RD are over blooming with proper dx9 diffuse shaders.
Will update that one later one.
Included are instructions how to make all add-on tracks dx9.

Bjarne Hansen, Aka 'Syhlif32'

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Excellent must have updates to original tracks
Very nice work!

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