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Bathurst Legends 1969 &1972 Skin pack 1.0

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46 skins in total


I'm just lucky that these cars existed for real and I just made them all for the Cobra mod..... Lost of these cars you would never ever see on a Cobra let alone a ford body BUT well I think they fit well and I have tried to keep the feel for the original cars.

Not all cars are 100% accurate as far as sponsor locations go BUT all sponsors are from the original cars

Install Instructions
Extract to the Cobra version folder that you wish to use the skins with.

Directory should look something like this






If you wish to use the skins on all 3 versions you would need to extract to all 3 folders.

Livery painted by NWRAP Graphics

IF you wish to use any of the items from my skins please ask and you will be given the OK.

I can even give you the logo you want to use.

PLEASE don't steal my work as a lot of time and research goes into making my skins.

Skinner for AusModders Bathurst Legends 69 Mod for Rfactor
Skinner for AusModders Bathurst Legends 72 Mod for Rfactor
Skinner for V8FU 2011 Fujitsu Series Mod for Rfactor

Donations can be made via paypal email

Latest reviews

Bonza skins mate, you beauty!!
Crazy. Outstanding perfect work. Impressive!
Awesome. Thanks
That's a lot of skins!! Ideal for classic races. Thanks

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