Better curbs for Nurburgring

Better curbs for Nurburgring 2.1

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Manually install by copying the "content" and "extension" folder in the assettocorsa root folder

Like the Brands Hatch mod, this aims to make the kerbs look nicer and freshly painted. It also changes the gray kerbs on Nordschleife to be painted.

Unfortunately a few more polygons will have to be rendered using this skin, there still shouldn't be a noticeable performance impact.








New skin variant: Modern:



Latest updates

  1. Hopefully no more false positives

    This update is meant to fix the false trojan detections and also some other bad and missing...
  2. I'm dumb

    Proper folder structure
  3. Parity update + new skin

    Small changes to Veedol chicane; Added drain cover at Mercedes Arena; Added new skin variant for...

Latest reviews

All good now no false positives!!!
Aight thanks for confirming
Same here as with Nords signs!!!

Not sure why but it detects it as a "Trojan:Script/Sabsik.FL.A!ml"
Win Def. Explanation:

"This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker."

So not sure what are you doing or how but this can not happen even if false positive! Please scan your files before zipping etc and after that to also run them thru online checkers ;) and for now remove download option till this is cleared! This is bad rep for you and RD website!!! No one can simply trust and procced after such notice unfortunately! It might be something else on your machine infecting your zips. Or simply 7Zip going crazy. Try compressing with windows (right click on folder> send to>Compressed)
Thank you for making my favourite track looking up to date, especially the newest update with the new curb pattern is something I really appreciate, even more than the proper green painted areas on the GP track (both bothered me for quit some time now).

But I found a little bug, some of the curb textures on the Nordschleife are flickering a tiny bit, I think I noticed it at the exit of "Adernauer Forst" and on both sides at the first "Pflanzgarten" jump, it is barely noticable and doesn't disturbe me at all but maybe you want to take a look at it :)
I'll take a look and see what I can do about that
With all these new Mods of Grass, billboards, kerbs, ETC... Nürburgring is looking FRESH
Fantastic!!! Love the modern skin!!!
Changing the curbs brings the Green Hell to its present look! Very well done! Thank you for your work
Appreciate it, good to see the extension working well
Nice once more! Thank you! :-)
I just wanted to thank you! Im using your reskin of the curbs for quite some time now and it definitely gives the Nordschleife an up to date look. Great work!
Thanks! I will try to change them even more to make them look more up to date, since 2017 the curbs are painted differently, so it would be nice to have that in AC.
looks good
please change the name to different curbs, not better curbs. same for the other track where it is even less fitting. nice but not better or realistic
I used recent onboards for both of these tracks as reference, the kerbs have saturated reds because they're supposed to have a newer, freshly painted look and I think I got it looking similar enough. I will update the worn version of the Brands Hatch kerbs to be less saturated.
I can't drag and drop into cm. Any others solutions?
I don't know why it wouldn't work, the folder structure seems to be correct. Try to manually install by copying the content folder of the mod in the root folder of the game.

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