BirminghamSprix_GTL_V1_0 2018-06-22

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Birmingham Superprix GTL V1.0
Madcowie build this great city track from the scratch for N2k3.
MotorFX reworked this track for rF/GTR2/Race07 and did again an amazing job in creating new objects to bring the
track even closer to reality. He showed me again that it's still a long way for me to reach this level of 3d-Modeling artwork skills.
I take my hat off to the kind efforts of both of them!
Both of them kindly agreed to a GTL conversion so I took over the job to adjust this and that to have it running smoothly in GTL.

The idea of a motor race in the centre of England's second city was mooted in local council meetings as far back as 1966.
A councillor from the Birmingham City Council asked Martin Hone to create a White Paper of proposing
a street race to be presented to the City Council. Stirling Moss obtained permission from Birmingham City Council
to hold a race in 1972, but the event never materialised.
Although there was a demo run by Patrick Neve in his Brabham BT45 around the Bullring in 1976.
It was not until the 6th November in 1984 that the council forwarded the Birmingham Road Race Bill to
Parliament on the 29th November in 1984, the members of the Parliament approved the Birmingham Road Race Bill in April 1985
and where it was passed and received Royal Assent in October 1985. This allowed preparations for the Birmingham SuperPrix to begin.
The event was to be centred around a race for Formula 3000 cars, at that time the last step up the career ladder before Formula One.
The circuit was laid out on closed streets near the city centre, and the meeting was scheduled for two days during the August Bank Holiday.

- Working Start-/PitIn-/Pitoutlight
- Animated marshals
- .BIK Ingame-videos
- Full featured AIW (36 cars)

- Madcowie for his N2k3 version
- MotorFX for rF, GTR2 and Race07 version
- Betty Swollox for GTL LOD&Trackicon

- DutchDevil for getting me started in conversion issues
- MotorfX and Greybrad for their kind AIW guidance
- My girlfriend for her patience and understanding.
..and all the guys I'm in contact due to conversion issues.

- none

2008-05-11, V1.0:
- initial GTL version

Have fun,
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