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Black Rock Motor Resort .9

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A while ago this popped up on the news, so I smashed it out and posted a quick video of it with in 2 days of it being shown on the news. I sent the track owner an email not expecting a reply but I got one and he was over the moon about it. We got chatting on the phone, after a bit of back forth he's helped really hone in on the layout and get it almost perfect to how it will be in real life once completed.

There will be a competition running over the next 2 weeks on this track using GT3 cars and the server provided for the quickest lap time. Who ever can set the fastest lap time on the server will win $100 AUD transferred to a PayPal account of your choosing. The track owners might even up the stakes.. Who knows! The server loops 24/7 on practice and is set to be perfect for hotlapping. Fuel and tire wear are turned off, how ever tire temps still matter! I currently have not set a fast lap time on the latest build, but estimated lap times are around 2 minutes on a good run!

Here's the server invite link >

- 32 Pit boxes
- Grass FX
- Rain FX

*this is an early preview, everything is subject to change*

At the moment replay cams are not working and there is no ai line.
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Latest updates

  1. Turn 6 Hot Fix

    Fixed turn 6 run off - can no longer fall through, my mistake! Thanks to Swisss_T for reporting
  2. AI lines, Track Cams and more!

    Added more trees/bushes to some sections Added more dirt texture around some sections of the...
  3. Minor update for server competition

    Added some sausage kerbs on corners that could be cut to get better lap times. Widened the gap...

Latest reviews

This track has such a fine "flow", many modern tracks with e.g. "artificial chicanes" don´t have. Thank you so much, thanx to the real designers and also to the modding guys. I get memories of long bygone tracks of the 60´s and 70´s. Germany has its "Nürburgring-Nordschleife", now Australia got its "NSW-Loop".
At the moment on my PC-System (very new) I can use this track only via Content Manager, if I want to run the track via Steam and the original AC-menu, clicking the button "select track", I get an errror message: Failed to decrypt model "content/tracks/BlackRockMotorResort/BlackEockMotorResort Terrain.kn5". Hope there is further "development" to repair this.
very nice track, good flow, road mesh is a little harsh, id give it 5/5 once that is fixed tho!
Great track already. Love it! Cheers Robin
Very fun to drive; road texture could be less grainy for my taste. (Simagic Alpha Mini at 40% FFB, Porsche 911 GT America)
Thank you.
No worries legend, enjoy!
Real nice. Good track feel through the wheel.
Appreciate the review mate! Thank you
My CSP version 0.2.2 I did a clean install but same error. What am I doing wrong?
What error are you getting mate?
"FrostyBerry: Try a clean installer which usually fixes things"

What exactly does a clean install mean? Describe exactly what you need to do. So far all tracks have worked, but not this one.
If you have installed previously, delete the track from your content/tracks folder and reinstall by dragging and dropping in there. Content manager also gives the option to clean install using the drop down menu when installing a new track how ever I haven't tested this method. Also make sure your CSP is up to date
New track surface feels good but I only ran a few laps on the older version and didn't really take note of the feel of the track to compare it. I run a Logitech G-Pro. I did miss a turn and fell through the map at one point. It was the first real hard left hander around what i would assume is turn 5 at the top of the hill.
Appreciate the review mate! Thanks for letting me know, I just tested and had the same thing happen. I'll have a fix out for it very soon!
What do you reckon of the new track surface feel mate? I use an old g27 wheel so I can't feel to much but didn't want to go to far with it just incase it ruins it for people on better wheels
This is great! thanks
It says kn5 error, the latest custom shader patch is up, but it still asks for a new one.
Try a clean install mate, that will normally fix things
Awesome mod, really fun track
Thanks for the review mate!
Fantastic work mate, looks great. I made a quick AI as really wanted to lap with some cars and the server wasn't working recently for me.
Looks good using new CSP Linear Color Space.
Appreciate it mate! With the track always being updated at the moment there's not much point in making ai lines or anything yet, once it's a little more dialed in and tested that's when it'll be worth really getting them right. If the server kicks you due to checksum always check back here for the latest update. Appreciate the review mate!
This was a fun track to hot lap. I accidentally took alternate paths because I wasn't sure which way was the main track at first. I'd prefer cones to block off paths that aren't the main course but I have no complaints. Can't wait for some ai lines and cams. Thanks for making this available!
Thanks for the review mate! I'm currently working on layouts. Ai splines and track cams will be coming as the track gets closer to being properly finished which shouldn't be to far away.

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