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Blender rF2 Studio Application Template v0.3-alpha

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Application Templates for Blender allow re-use of configuration and contents, which is perfect for those that often have the same workflow and don't want to fiddle in the menus first before being able to actually start working on their project.

These rF2 Studio Application Templates are made for the rFactor2 modders with their very own requirements. But these templates do work well for other purposes and can also be modified very easy to each individuals liking and requirements.

This "rF2 Studio" template was created as a generic starting point for all rFactor2 modding purposes and shares its configuration with all child-templates that are currently available via github.

The templates are work in progress, but can be used already. Information on how to install and use them with Blender can be found on github here.

I'm very curious to get to know your feedback, thoughts, and ideas! So make sure to post here or on file an issue on github (bug, feature request).

Happy Blending!

Latest updates

  1. New v0.3-alpha with some small changes

    The v0.3-alpha now comes with some small but nice changes/additions: Changelog The...
  2. Small changes to init script and removing userpref

    This is the second alpha with some minor changes. Please head over to the github page to also...
  3. Correction of the ZIP

    There was a little beginner's mistake with how the ZIP was packed (sub folder missing). Please...

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