BMW 328

BMW 328 202302

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BMW 328

car model: BMW 1950 by Causse Jacques @ archive3d
steering wheel: ex BMW 507 (rfactor version by Mike Bayazoff)
physics based on: BMW 507 (GTR2 version) and Bugatti 57S Atlantic (GTR2)
Original Bugatti physics by: Ron123, Sidstalker, Phil (hmmguy)
Original BMW 507 physics by: Ron123, Sidstalker

Car made for gaming by Abrimaal

initial release 2023-02
built from the original parts only, for GTR Evo.
no cockpit, no mirrors, no exhausts, no rear lights yet.
steering wheel and driver already added.

I have no more patience to adjust the driver position.
It took 6 hours and still not perfect.
Cannot I really do it in graphic mode?
Open the steering wheel in an editor, open the driver model and move it to the correct position???
This is really not the era for "guess where I am".

Feel free and proud to update this car, modify, upgrade, convert to other games and release,
as long as the readme is included.
Then I'll update my car with your work, and rerelease.
I'll adapt your GTR2 car for Evo and release it.
You rerelease your GTR2 car with my work, and so the wheel turns on and on.
I build one part, you build the other part, merge projects - this way the community grows strong and lives long.
instead of... Dear Sir, could I please... but I am afraid, to ask for... afraid to get banned and damned.
That way we'll go nowhere.


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