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BMW M3 E30 Gr A M.Viaene 2011 1.0

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This skin of a 1986 rally car driven by Mathias Viaene ( co-driver: Pieter Vyncke ) at Wallonie Rally 2011 ( Belgium national rallies ), was chosen mainly for the special decoration , especially for "Safety on the Road, Speed on the Track" project in 2011 ...

Project for road and rally safety, trying to show discipline under a positive point of view .

Here's what the driver said about the project:
"Safety on the Road, Speed on the Track project aims at making young rally fans aware in order to have a responsible behaviour in traffic. We insist on the fact they drive responsibly and don't forget safety.
If they wish to drive very fast, that has to be done on a track or in a rally car, and with all necessary safety equipment.

Mathias Viaene lives in Belgium, born on february 17 1976 ans still drive in rallies.




I prefered not to make the count of hours I spent on this work in order to reach the best possible result and look of the real car in this rallly. ;)

Extract in Assetto Corsa main folder.

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Exelent job! Thanks man..!

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