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Boavista (porto 58) 2017-12-12

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Thanks to philrob for letting me release this conversion.

Aside from the actual conversion I have,
Removed 90% of the trees (they usually don't convert very well) and I Screenshot_f1_1967_brm_port_13-12-117-1-11-2.jpg Screenshot_f1_1967_brm_port_13-12-117-1-13-1.jpg added better trees and bushes.
Added 3D grass
Replaced 60% of the buildings with higher polygon buildings and grandstands.
Fixed the cramped pitlane.
Added an invisible bumpy road surface.
Created AI driving line.
Made TV cameras.
Improved textures to better suit AC's lighting.

This tracks looks best in clear conditions between 17:30-18:00 (evenings)
There are 22 pitboxes and 22 places on the starting grid.

PS I haven't made a track map because I don'\t know how to, feel free to make one if you know how.

Latest reviews

The pits don't work, which is a big problem if you actually want to use it for what it was designed for.

The track has very harsh bumps that are spaced evenly apart, which makes it feel very weird.

Overall, it's useable for short races, but it could be improved.
Hi! I would like to thank you so much for this track, this is in my hometown, and I love to race in it. My dad and I used to go to the modern gp every year until it was discontinued some years ago. I would just like to ask if you could fix the AI, the car on pole never leaves the grid and a couple of them seem to randomly retire on the 1st lap. Also, they are slow, more or less all around the track, but particularly in the start finish straight, where they swerve when crossing the line and don't go full throttle, and in sectors 2 & 3. It would also be nice if you could add a finish line. Once again, I appreciated this so much.
Oporto was only used twice for the Portugese GP, the first time in 1958 when Stirling Moss won in a Vanwall, Mike Hawthorn was second in a Ferrari Dino (and set fastest lap) and Stuart Lewis-Evans was third in an older Vanwall. (Yanks Phil Hill and Carroll Shelby retired.) The track was incredibly rough and the drivers didn't like it, but it was used again in 1960 with a different cast of characters (Jack Brabham won in a Cooper T53).
Good. Road texture improvable but good. AI: driver in pole position stay lock in grid. At the end of first lap all the drivers come back to the pit. Fix this second problem copy from AI folder to Data folder and rename into Map works good. There is a map.
Nice port man, only ai cars on the left can't move, need fix, also road too bumpy, maybe flat more? and also road texture hurt eyes, hope can change to grey if possible? lol....Thanks~~~
If I can get around to it, I'm very busy with real life at the moment. Looking at the problem I think the start grid needs moving forward, might look at it today or tomorrow.
Rating it without even trying it first because I loved it in GPL and I appreciate the effort.
Any chance of converting some of the 1967 F1 RF1 tacks in which Pil was involved.
Nurburgring, Mosport, Mexico, and Watkins Glen to name the ones I need for a '67 Championship.
And thanks to Phil as well.
Sorry but due to work commitments I'll be retiring from track modding this week. But if, like me, you love 60's racing you'll soon be able to speed around Aintree. I'll be releasing my last track mod at the weekend.

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