BOSCH Mercedes-Benz 190e EVO II

BOSCH Mercedes-Benz 190e EVO II 1.05

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Hi, this ismy fourth skin.
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Latest updates

  1. BOSCH gloves, Larger red and Firestone on tyres (because the 190 EVO has large wheel)

  2. two bosch, black gloves

    TWO BOSCH on the front bumper. New black Sparco gloves for the driver.

Latest reviews

Very nice. When StickyRice says its "loud"....he means large filesize. Thank you
Domingo Garcia
Domingo Garcia
Okay, thanks!
The file size is 58Mb, but if it would be smaller the skin would be uglier....
Great Skin,Nice Work,Thanks.
Domingo Garcia
Domingo Garcia
You are welcome!
Very nice, but a bit loud. (58mg)
Domingo Garcia
Domingo Garcia
Thanks, sorry but i am beginner from english, how do you mean the loud word? What does it mean? Please help to understand your message.
Very good!
you could add a second Bosch on the front bumper, would look good i think!
Domingo Garcia
Domingo Garcia
Yes, I will try the second Bosch tomorrow, and if it is good i will upload.

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