Brainerd International Raceway - New AI Lines

Brainerd International Raceway - New AI Lines 0.95

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Hello everyone.

Originally created for my own enjoyment, I developed a new AI feature for Gutbomb's Brainerd International Raceway, consisting of new AI lines, sidelines and hints.


I don't consider my work as fully developed (the lines are not bulletproof currently, I'll explain it later in this post), but I think it was still worth of a publication here.
Now the AI lines are only for the Donnybrooke layout, but in the future I will try to also redesign the lines of the Competition layout.

Tested with GTs, Trans-Ams and touring cars, with the RSS Darche 96 GT-N the improvement was around 3-4 seconds per lap.

Known issues:
  1. Due to the bumpiness of the pit road entrance, some cars tend to spin entering the pits. I tried to vary their trajectory to prevent it, but it still doesn't work perfectly, sometimes it happens.
  2. Pit road exit: unfortunately the cars on the start-finish straight tend to check up whenever they encounter a car exiting the pit lane, and I was not able to find a line that prevented the issue without sacrificing heavily the entry in T1, especially with cars with less downforce.
  3. In T7-T8, some cars tend to fly off the road while trying to pass someone on the inside of turn 7. I kept it as it was to add some "realism", and also because the danger hints I tried to add were working in a strange manner (I still couldn't figure out the perfect values to enter).

Still available for future feedbacks and suggestions.
Hopefully you'll enjoy it!


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