Brake Trainer

Brake Trainer 1.1

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Brake Trainer pinpoints your braking points

It learns your braking points, and gives you cues as you approach them

Usage Guide, Demo and Options


As usual, drop zip into CM if you have it, or put the brakeTrainer folder into apps/python/
Remember to enable the app in the launcher/CM


Look inside CM apps settings, or config_defaults.ini for more information

If you like my work, maybe get me a coffee? ;)

For bug reports, suggestions etc

Thanks to:
Collision library by qwertyquerty
playsound library by TaylorSMarks

Latest updates

  1. Fixed sound, added delete button

    -Fixed beeping unreliability issue (should be?) -Added delete button in settings panel to delete...
  2. Small dependency fix

    Added ctypes dependency
  3. Adjustable volume, lock during race, better settings

    -Adjustable beep volume -Adjust "flash earlier" setting in game -Prevent overriding brake points...

Latest reviews

didnt show in your aps or anything bad
I have been using this mod for several years on new tracks and new circuits. I prefer Brake Trainer 1.1 2020 by AugGust to virtual guideline, although both are important.
What is missing on most circuits is the crossing marks on the trajectory and the kerbs, and the "dry line" when it rains!
thank you so much! i have become better now thanks to you, your doing the world a favor/cheers.
So weird how Content manager doesn't install it correctly as the other guy said, it wasn't working, should work if you install it the old way
Hello, thanks for your app, It works very well... for people who hasnt be able to make it work, I found out installing it via CM was omitting some of the .py files, watch the root and the collision folder
my brake trainer app doesn't work
By far the best app I have used. Saves so much time learning a new track, it beeps for the braking point which means a corner is coming up to. Wish I found this app earlier.
Great idea and well done. Wonder what will happen if I turn it off once I get used to it, will i remember brake points, lol?
A great app, really helping me become a better, more consistent driver.
Also, some really fine Python programming. Well done!
Excellent work
great and useful app , good work , thanks
Really useful and great work! But app should let to modify slightly the braking points slightly editing the txt. I tried but I could´n understand what numbers mean exactly.
If you wanna understand the structure of the save file, look at the "acShutdown" function (line 296) inside I don't recommend trying to change it manually though, it's just all coordinates and angles, they don't mean anything unless u can visualize them onto the track...
Does exactly what it promises. The beeps are very useful and can be used to indicate braking points even with the app closed.
good idea
this is fantastic stuff
Nice Tool
How freaking cool is it that we can do this in our racing sim(s). It's freedom like this that turns ok games into perhaps the best of its genre. This is why AC will always have my heart and why it has had and will continue to have such a long life in the sim community. Great mod!
Well done
Wow , just wow ! Love it guy , thank you so much !
Great work! Thank you very much!

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