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Brawn GP 2009 Skin 1,5

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This is the Brawn GP Skin from the late 2009 Season based on the Redbull and replace Caterham.

Hope you like it ;) Cheers
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Latest updates

  1. Pace mod

    Some one wish a update wich give the Brawn Mercedes speed here it is now you can choose between...

Latest reviews

Can you do this for the mercedes ??
Very good but could i use it i my own 2009 season mod that im making plz!
Senna fan96
Senna fan96
Yes you can I Give you the permission to use it and you can use the Team mod to When it is finished
First of all , let me say that InGame the skin looks like a Codies skin , amazing work mate , I read your comment on how to rename the team to Brawn , any chance of a quick tutorial , on how I can do that and maybe put the team logo aswell?
Senna fan96
Senna fan96
No Problem mate Download ryder Pssg Editor open the b_nonpersitent file in the Fronted folder and replace the Mercedes logos
Very very nice :)
Brilliant mod, Just one thing, Can you rename the team from Caterham to Brawn GP?
Senna fan96
Senna fan96
you can make it by your owne :) Download Ryders languane editor oben the languane file and rename Mercedes to Brawn
Perfect! :)
The only con about this is that it has Catherham pace , it needs to have Merc pace because Brawn dominated 2009 season , can you make it possible?
Senna fan96
Senna fan96
Yes no problem mate
love it, nice work ^.^
been waiting for this for so it as quick as caterham.or have you modded it to match mercs?
Senna fan96
Senna fan96
It is quick as Caterham so you want Mercedes pace ?
Very cool! Good job^^

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