BRM P25 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix

BRM P25 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix 1.3

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My first published work: four skins representing the BRM P25s entered in the 1958 VII Grand Prix International Automobile du Maroc (screens are from Tripoli '37), driven by Jean Behra (14), Harry Schell (16), Jo Bonnier (18), and Ron Flockhart (20).

Behra Tripoli 1.jpg

These skins utilise the wonderful 1955 driver model as provided by @Mr. Malarkey, whom I would like to thank very much for such a wonderful resource. Specifically, his Jean Behra (above) and updated Harry Schell (below) skins.

Schell Tripoli 1.jpg

Although almost entirely forgotten now, The 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix was memorable and important for a number of reasons. Not only was this the first African F1 championship race (following on from the previous year's non-championship race after a ten year absence), but this was the first time an F1 driver had raced using an African licence, with Moroccan-French home favourite Robert La Caze driving the rear-engined Cooper T45.

Bonnier Tripoli 1.jpg

Most notably, the Ain-Diab circuit played host to the original duel in the desert - the culmination of the thrilling championship battle between Mike Hawthorn and Stirling Moss. Qualifying within one tenth of each other, the stage was surely set for a scorching Saharan showdown between the two British drivers.

The weekend was fairly successful for BRM, arriving at the event with extensively modified cars in an attempt to stave off the effects of the desert heat. Qualifying went okay, with Behra putting in a respectable time within a second of Hawthorn's Ferrari for fourth. Bonnier, Schell and Flockhart qualified 8th, 10th and 15th respectively. Behra and Flockhart would both retire in the first half of the race, but Bonnier and Schell would go on to finish 4th and 5th for a combined five championship points (3 and 2 respectively) - making the race BRM's second best result of the year.

Flockhart Tripoli 1.jpg

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  1. Small tweaks

    Small tweaks to #18. Last update before release of Monaco set.
  2. Nose corrections

    1.2 fixes the issue with car #18's silver nose band. Also adds car #20's silver "triangle"...
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    Confusingly, it would seem that Jean Behra elected to continue adorn his helmet with the...

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As a massive vintage racing fan this a must have. Much appreciated. Many thanks.
Thank you very much, as a fellow vintage racing fan I'm grateful for your appreciation.
I love it when someone commits to completing these little challenges in AC.

For me, there is nothing as difficult as making an old skin or track, mainly due to the difficulty of finding good material from that era (like sharp and colorful photos, for example).

Keep up with the good work! Hope to see your other skins of this season soon available to us all.
Thanks for your supportive words, and, yes, the amount of websites required to slightly tweak colours and add race numbers is surprisingly high. Then again, this is coming up on seventy years ago, more than enough time for the smaller details to slip through the cracks of history.

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