BSD Home Wreckers

BSD Home Wreckers 1.0.3

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A house, with some interesting features, scaled up 10x to give the feeling that you're drifting and racing around as the exceedingly popular 1/10th scale RC car series.

Packed with routes and secrets, find your favorite way to play!

32 Pits
Track cameras
Some track lights (will add more soon)
7 main areas with multiple ways to link,
3 current layouts:
  • Open World
  • Route69 [massive single route]
  • Bed N Back [Bash route mostly using the porch and 3 front rooms])
  • 20221122-004135-HomeWrecker-Tsujigiri Hero PS13 Naoki Nakamura.jpg
    20221122-004135-HomeWrecker-Tsujigiri Hero PS13 Naoki Nakamura.jpg
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  • 20221122-004727-HomeWrecker-Tsujigiri Hero PS13 Naoki Nakamura.jpg
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  • 20221122-004959-HomeWrecker-Tsujigiri Hero PS13 Naoki Nakamura.jpg
    20221122-004959-HomeWrecker-Tsujigiri Hero PS13 Naoki Nakamura.jpg
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  • 20221122-005032-HomeWrecker-Tsujigiri Hero PS13 Naoki Nakamura.jpg
    20221122-005032-HomeWrecker-Tsujigiri Hero PS13 Naoki Nakamura.jpg
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Latest reviews

Great track idea, the inside of the house felt pretty well excecuted, the outside section was a bit tricky to navigate but mainly because of the scale. Overall a fun track to mess around in, also loved the easter eggs.
This is so cool and so much fun to see a unique take in the sim scene!! I'm not much of a drifter my self (talent issue) but this concept forced me to try again. Its giving me some Re-Volt vibes!!! Nothing like that nostalgic feeling on a Sunday morning!

Graphics - 6.5/10
Vibes - 11/10

Overall - 4/5

I really want to give this a 5/5 and it is to me however it would be disrespectful to some of the masterpieces created by others. Map has fun lines as well as the most incredibly unique feeling whilst zipping around.

@KyleRokuKyu what car mods are you using in the screenshots they look sweet!
Glad you enjoy the track :D
I really wanted to push the graphics but we have a lot of people on lower end PCs that drift with us. With 32 cars on track, every little optimization matters. As such, I opted with a slightly cartoony look for lower poly counts

Also, Re-Volt was one of my favorite games as a kid so it is definitely one of the major inspirations here hahah
Also de_rats style maps from CounterStrike

The screenshots are with the Tsujigiri Hero S13 cars (Naoki Nakamura and Miki Takagi) with custom BSD skins

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