BTBFin - Kanniranni gravel rally stage

BTBFin - Kanniranni gravel rally stage 0.98

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Time is come to release BTBfin team first real gravel rally stage for Assetto Corsa. This is v0.98 and it's not 100% ready yet. Version 1.0 will contain many modifications to many areas, so stay tuned in coming months.

If stage feels too slippery, enable ABS and maybe even TCS in game. Before anybody complain, slowdown on first 50-100 meters before stage start line is in purpose made. You just can't drive on full speed through start line in real life.. ;)

All credits can be found from Readme file, included to package.

Stage works on:
Practice, Hotlap and Quickrace modes (5 pitboxes), maybe even Multiplayer works, not tested.

Installation: Copy btbfin_kanniranni folder to your ...assettocorsa/content/tracks folder.

KR_Release.jpg Känni_045.jpg Känni_058.jpg

Latest reviews

Professional work.
very fun track to drive
Awesome rally track, thanks mate
Amazing track. For some reason the surface isn't creating dust for me though.
Very good rally stage ! I have just one problem: in replay, when the camera is behind the car, the fps drop from 60 to 30 for no reason.
How can I get the 1.0 version ?
Thanks. Stage probably needs some more optimizations, but atm i don’t know if V1.0 will ever happen.
awesome, i can pay you if you release 5 more :)
There will be at least one finnish rally stage, but i can’t promise any exact release date. ;)
one of the best gravel tracks in A.C thanks for this great work
Thanks and great to hear that you like it.. I'm pretty sure that you will like our next AC gravel stage even more, because we have learned a lot of new ways to make more realistic rally stages.. (Hopefully new stage is ready on early this summer.) ;)
Well done track - many thanks! :)
Great narrow gravel stage. Simply stunning. Would be 6 stars if only AC handled gravel properly. However with the new Fiesta from RallyLegends it is breathtaking experience anyway.
PS. We know how much work was put into setting up all those trees properly :) Thanks!
Pro work. One of the best tracks overall.
awesome track :) , cant wait for the update , what is best setting for the track surface?
Optimal is probably best. Road is already too slippery, so there is no reason to make it even more...
Very nice, but please(!!) add dirt sound! I would be very pleased to have some dirt sound going on instead of just flat asphalt. Kiitos.
Sorry but i can't add custom sounds to surfaces. I can only use Kunos own dirt sound on the road. Same one is used for sand traps. Sadly volume of sample is quite low, so there is nothing i can do about it.. :(
grazie :)

Conversion from RFactor, I presume... Good job. Thanks to share
No, i'm part of BTBfin group and work together to bring this stage to AC. Original version is scratch made for RBR. Although there is not much left from RBR version, only buildings and ground mesh.
amazing! feels great to drive, can't wait for fiesta and gravel physik!
Good job
Amazing, thank you!
Great job! Looks fantastic, can't wait for more stages and rallycars.

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