BTCC 1999 Track Skin for Brands Hatch Indy

BTCC 1999 Track Skin for Brands Hatch Indy 1.0

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What's included?
- Main sponsors that appeared around the track (that I could see from videos) from the first meeting at Brands Hatch Indy in 1999. These don't match up 100% due to the limitations of texture mapping on the Kunos Brands Hatch, but I've tried my best to at least get as many sponsors on the track as possible.

- Green and white curbs.

- Tarmac texture for the previously green concrete sections at the exit of Paddock Hill Bend, outside of Graham Hill Bend, Surtees and the pit entry. Sometimes the colour is slightly off based on the angle, but that is due to the underlying settings of the surface itself. I've tried for a long, long time to get things to match up and this is as close as I've been able to get consistently.

- Slightly darkened tarmac colouring overall.

- A handful of removed objects via an ext_config.ini file (included in the skin itself).

- A general recolouring of anything that was previously red to mostly appear as green. The red stood out like a sore thumb, so every single sign outside of the track itself is now green to fit in with an older feel.

This skin is specifically for the Indy layout. With the way the mapping works on the two main bridges on the GP circuit, it is not recommended to use it with that layout. If slightly wonky texture mapping isn't a problem for you, carry on!






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Thank you Stephen, excellent level of detail. Got the VRC Tourers on here and it's wonderful. Perfect.
Nice Skin !!!
This is a great addition. Very period. Thank you.

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