BTCC Number Font 1995-2000

BTCC Number Font 1995-2000 1

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The font used for the BTCC numbers from 1995-2005. I believe the original work was done by DrummerGuy33 way back in the day. To make life easier for myself, I set up the numbers to be used as a font, rather than layers to paste each time.

It's a little rough around the edges, but it's done a good job for me over the last three years.

Here are the character settings I use in Photoshop. Sometimes you'll want to change the setting circled in red to stop some overlap of some numbers. I've also applied a small amount of stroke to give a little more thickness to the numbers.


I may yet do the numbers from scratch for something cleaner and smoother. No promises though. Hopefully, these prove useful for all the BTCC skins popping up!

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