Calder Park faster AI

Calder Park faster AI 1.0

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Faster AI for the Calder Park track mod by Brodies.

You can download the FULL TRACK HERE.

Known Issues: The mod doesn't have pitlane boundaries set yet, so cars won't exit the pits on weekend or trackday mode.

Fast line + boundaries + hints for two layouts (National and Club). The Grand Prix layout that includes the oval is not included yet as I need to polish it a bit so the AI takes the banking without fear.

Track is bumpy, so a few cars will probably have a rough time. Tested with: Porsche 911 GT3 R, Cayman GT4, LMP1s, RSS GT3, RSS F3, WSC60s, VRC TA2, V8Supercars, ATCC touring cars without problems.


You can make a faster/safer AI for your favorite track too. Here's a mini guide on AC AI line improving.

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Nice attempt. I'm giving you five for the efforts and hopefully in the near future you'll sort the Trackday and Weekend mode out.
That would need to be sorted on the creator's side, I'm just recording the AI lines. Thanks for the review :)

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