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Camber Extravaganza 2.2.1

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Camber Extravaganza

App for Assetto Corsa to show wheel camber angles in real time, helpful for tuning suspension.

Shows instantaneous and peak camber, and has an optional short-term history graph with some settings to play with.

Calculates optimal camber from config files - per car, per tire compound. Turns blue when camber is too negative, green when near optimal camber, and red when too positive.


1. Extract the apps and content folders to steamapps\common\assettocorsa\
2. Enable the app in Options > General
3. Enable the app in-game

Screenshots and Video



How to Use

Adjust camber to try to keep as many wheels green as possible through turns, giving preference to the outside wheels. If the outside wheels are mostly blue, add more positive camber. If the outside wheels are mostly red, add more negative camber.

Once everything is mostly green, add some positive camber to the fronts or rears to tweak balance if necessary.

Mod cars

If your target camber is showing 99°, the app can't find data for your car. You can add it to a custom file `tyre-data-custom.json` that won't be overwritten by updates.

For example, adding [garyjpaterson's Dallara FX17]( with semislicks (short name "SM") would look like this:

    "dallara_fx17": {
            "FRONT": {
            "SM": {"DCAMBER_0": 1.2, "DCAMBER_1": -13.0, "LS_EXPY": 0.81}
            "REAR": {
            "SM": {"DCAMBER_0": 1.2, "DCAMBER_1": -13.0, "LS_EXPY": 0.81}

Adding any more cars follows the same pattern as tyres-data.json, for example a fictional Abarth 500 Stage 2 with Soft, Medium, and Hard slicks:

    "dallara_fx17": {
            "FRONT": {
            "SM": {"DCAMBER_0": 1.2, "DCAMBER_1": -13.0, "LS_EXPY": 0.81}
            "REAR": {
            "SM": {"DCAMBER_0": 1.2, "DCAMBER_1": -13.0, "LS_EXPY": 0.81}
    "abarth500_s2": {
            "FRONT": {
            "S": {"DCAMBER_0": 1.2, "DCAMBER_1": -13.0, "LS_EXPY": 0.8071},
            "M": {"DCAMBER_0": 1.2, "DCAMBER_1": -13.0, "LS_EXPY": 0.8071},
            "H": {"DCAMBER_0": 1.2, "DCAMBER_1": -13.0, "LS_EXPY": 0.8071}
            "REAR": {
            "S": {"DCAMBER_0": 1.2, "DCAMBER_1": -13.0, "LS_EXPY": 0.8071},
            "M": {"DCAMBER_0": 1.2, "DCAMBER_1": -13.0, "LS_EXPY": 0.8071},
            "H": {"DCAMBER_0": 1.2, "DCAMBER_1": -13.0, "LS_EXPY": 0.8071}

More examples can be found in the full `tyres-data.json` file.

Calculation Details

Grip in Assetto Corsa is multiplied by a factor determined by camber.


Where c is camber measured in radians. Converted to degrees and plotted on a graph, it looks like this for the Ferrari 458 GT2:


Peak grip for a single wheel (blue) is acheived at roughly -3.3°, but the total axle grip is the important value. As the inside wheel during a turn effectively has inverse camber, it must also be calculated (red) and added to the outside wheel, weighted by the tire's load sensitivity factor. This gives total grip for the axle (yellow), peaking somewhere below the single-wheel target.

More Math

DY_LS_FL is front-left load sensitivity, TIRE_LOAD_FL is the vertical force on the tire in Newtons, and the rest of the variables are found in the car's tyres.ini.


Latest updates

  1. 2.2.1 Configuration Update

    - Updated V8 Supercars configs - Included RSR Formula 3 config
  2. 2.2

    - Added "Show Delta" display mode for target camber - Fix divide by zero when dcamber1 = 0...
  3. Update to 2.1

    - Fix optimal camber equation, remove extra conversion to radians - Switch to tyres_data folder...

Latest reviews

I can't get the app to work with some MODs, even after adding the tyre-data-custom.json file. What could be the issue?
Used it long time ago, reuse it recently then I remember why I don't use it so much, it's because it's eating alot of my FPS.
Camber Extravaganza 2.2.1 Chuzuki 2018 free download link by registering at An essential which will, I hope, be continued on Assetto Corsa II 2024 Evo! To configure your wheel alignment, there is nothing better.
What an exellent engineering app! Saves a lot of time to setup a effective camber. Many many thanks to the dev.
Very impressive! I just would like to know if is it possible to export the camber data on an excel table to study the graphic.
Unbelievable app, unbelievable effort!
Great App! Works Nice - knocks off a lot of time in practice. Thanks
Still having trouble working with this on some mods. Can't find any fix on how to trim down that 99 degree or 100 degree plus on the detla
its great. thankyou! Toe normally its just negative a little bit but camber normally is highly annoying and you never know if its just right or in the zone or anything unless its extensively done. cool
Just wow! I’ve been hammering away occasionally getting some tidy times, but this has made a massive difference. A few laps watching the app, some quick changes, and now I’m more consistent as the car behaves more as I want it. Lap times have improved hugely. I’ve used it on two cars so far and to say transformative for turn in and mid corner especially is an understatement. I wasn’t going far enough with the changes before this app. Get it! Thank you, great work…
Helped me finally get my contact patches dialed in on those sloped turns on the speedways. If youre having trouble getting it to work with a custom car just copy the example file in the tyre_data folder and edit the copy so it matches your car.
Looks great but not working for me.

Extracted as instructed. but no option in settings.

Current version still works fine, and this doesn't install any different than any other app. Make sure the .py file exists at this path: "steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\camber-extravaganza\"
Can 't get current version to appear in game at all, even with the app enabled in the settings
Nothing has changed as far as I'm aware, and it's still working for me. You can even "enable" an empty directory in AC, so that doesn't really mean anything. Make sure the .py file exists at this path: "steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\camber-extravaganza\"
No matter what I do this app won't show up in AC!!!
Great in theory but not so much in real Sim life...
Current version still works fine, and this doesn't install any different than any other app. Make sure the .py file exists at this path: "steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\camber-extravaganza\"
Great app. Can't believe it took me so long to find it. Well done, sir. Very well done!
Works really good, But some one please give me a little more detail on how to make it work for custom mods. I dont really get it
The type of app which makes you love this game and this community.
Works as described, helped set a new PB first time using it. Well done.
Great little app. Vital for shaving those tenths off you lap times.

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