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Camel Lotus Senna // RCallejao Designs 1.1

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The car is honored this time the legendary Camel Lotus 99T 1987, piloted by ETERNAL Tri-champion Ayrton Senna.
For the first time the Skin was totally made in Full HD (4096 pxls), with a perfect replica graphics was designed as a 100% original, much like painting the helmet and overalls used by Ayrton Senna that year.

The Lotus 99T was equipped with Honda engine of 995 HP (drills) and 750-870 HP (runs), had active suspension, but the car had chassis and aerodynamics problematic. Ayrton Senna did a pole in San Marino won two races in circito street, but in the remaining races of the championship was no match for the Williamns / Honda.



Screenshot_lotus_98t_imola_9-8-2014-18-14-8.jpg Screenshot_lotus_98t_imola_9-8-2014-18-10-35.jpg Screenshot_lotus_98t_imola_9-8-2014-18-9-54.jpg Screenshot_lotus_98t_imola_9-8-2014-18-9-14.jpg Screenshot_lotus_98t_imola_9-8-2014-18-7-56.jpg Screenshot_lotus_98t_imola_9-8-2014-18-7-32.jpg Screenshot_lotus_98t_imola_9-8-2014-18-4-27.jpg Screenshot_lotus_98t_imola_9-8-2014-18-3-46.jpg

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  1. Camel Lotus 99T Senna//RCallejao Designs 1.1

    Rims original mate color

Latest reviews

Fantastic job! Amazing skin but I can't see the Camel suit on driver. The game start an orrible black and white suit. Any help?
Marvelous! Thank you!
nice job been waiting for this one thank you
Nice one, Thank you!!!!
Thanks a lot!
Regis Callejao
Regis Callejao
Thank U All
Tremendous job! My favourite car ever... why? Because I love yellow and blue, Senna and of course the sound of this car! The skin is perfect. Thanks
Well done
yes this is exactly the skin I wanted. Can picture Senna around Monaco in this.
Great skin, thanks a lot !
Fantastic skin mate, thanks.
Great job!
Very nice HD. Thanks.

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