Canberra 400

Canberra 400 1.60

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The Canberra Street Circuit was a temporary street circuit located in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. It hosted the Canberra 400 for the V8 Supercars series from 2000 to 2002. The Canberra 400 was a V8 Supercar event on the circuit. The race was held over the Queen's Birthday holiday weekend.

Converted with permission by the original author, "Radar"


- CSP GrassFX, RainFX
- 38 pit/start
- AI is mostly functional
- Cameras by @DaBaeda
- Grid / RainFX by @Lucky3x
- updates by @shin956
- lights update by @CrisT86

Latest updates

  1. Several fixes / updates

    changelog v1.60: - config/cams by @Cris86 - seasons fixed for .au - new VAO
  2. More realisim

    v1.50 reverb sounds added, other updates by @rmi_wood higher res textures by @breathe_reprise...
  3. Lighting update

    Lights update by @CrisT86 - new model adds proper lights/lighting - new config

Latest reviews

Ok, the track is tricky and fun, a lot, but... I'm the only one who thinks that to really be a 5 stars mod, the visual aspect (2d spectators, too many "polygonal" elements, transition between curbs and asphalt...) needs an overhaul?

(Every time I make these criticisms I get a little embarrassed, since I imagine the great amount of work that these mods need to get out there, and I am just a poor ignorant that I would not be able to do even a fraction of that work...)

Although, we must give thanks for being able to enjoy this track, even if it is not perfect: THANKS!
I dont know how I missed this fantastic fun
thanks Rmi
Magnifique, splendide et merci pour ce superbe tracé. Toutes mes félicitations pour les textures et au jeune #Breathe.
This is soooooo goooood!!!!
This is amazing. The Codemasters conversion of this track was trash with the tire barrier chicanes. This version is great fun. Well done!!
I don't know if it's as bumoy as this in real life. Sometimes I almost was kicked out of the track. Nicer with slower cars.
Love it! I grew up in Canberra, spectated circa 2002 and drove these roads every day. Quite a technical circuit on the slow speed chicanes and corners and the details on background scenery instantly recognisable to a local.
Love it! Thank you.
Quite a collection of RMI stuff in my files. It's all good. Keep it up.
yeah... me too :)
Nice track, very tricky. Thank you

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