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I was looking for an excuse to learn some python/mesh stuff, and i love AC so it was a perfect match! So I present to you the originally named "Car Radar"!

Installation - Merge assettocorsa folder in zip file with main assettocorsa installation folder

Features -
  • Car shapes on mini map
  • Working rotations relative to player
  • Fade in/fade out (optional)
  • Config options - size, colour, angle, range, etc
  • Low gfx setting
  • Proximity mode showing how close cars are through colour
  • Blue Flags
  • Blind spot warning flags
  • Background
Known Problems -

  • Ford Mustang 2015 collider skewed (thanks Kunos :p)
  • Vr fix download (click me)
  • Some car outlines have a few extra lines
  • Please report any you find in the support thread!
  • Will take some fps, make sure you raise your fps cap, the app is drawn after the fps cap is applied
  • If app fails to load, try deleting config.txt in Documents/AssettoCorsa/Apps/CarRadar
Thanks to Yan Bissonette for his crazy driving/testing help, without him I wouldn't have needed to make this app. Also thanks to Esotic for all his tips and ideas, and to Deswribilator for his awesome icons!

This has now taken me many, many hours to complete, so if you'd like to buy me a beer, I'd love it!

Donate to me here!

Del / Blorg
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Latest updates

  1. 1.6 - Rear Cut Off Distance

    I give you, Car Radar v1.6 - Rear Cut Off Distance Adjust the red line with the new...
  2. 1.55 Metadata fix

    Oops, didn't update the version number!
  3. Metadata for Content Manager

    @M1GHTY M4VS kindly supplied additional support for content manager

Latest reviews

Amazing work, this is an absolute must-have, especially if you use a single monitor (Single Ultrawide or Super Ultrawide monitors are poplular for sim racing) as this allows nice close racing without incident. The added customization is also brilliant because you can set it up exactly how you want.
Hello, this is a great application for Asseto Corsa, but I have a question if it is possible to change the car icon to my own? I want to do like in Gran Turismo 7.
Thanks for the review. The icons are generated from the car's mesh that you are driving, so don't use textures at all. Sorry! :)
Amazing work!
nice to use in drift
Thanks, drift on!
who needs tri-monitor when we have this!
It is great, super useful and better than helicorsa
hello, i've ticked the box in CM, but it still wont show up in game. please help
Hello :) Have a look in the discussion section and try the suggestions there, any problems, post in the discussion and I will try and help! Do not use CM to install, it doesn't work :)
It's good for normal mode but in VR its bugged and shows a red gear icon on the top of vision and its always on the same place, can cause burn-ins to the HMD.
Check the support thread for VR fix :D
Was using Helicorsa before, was awful for Drifting since it doesn't show rotation and car shape. This is a massive improvement
Yes! Tandem baby!
Fantastic for single screen low FOV. Set up in my peripheral vision it works great without having to look at it directly. Love it.
Super helpful, especially for single screen users. The customizability is nice and the function is great to promote clean racing.
Keep it clean!
I installed the app with content manager and when i start a race first od all it does not work the app is on my screen but it does not show the cars and when i start a race a kn5conv says it could not start
could you help me please
I could help you yes, but please post in the support thread for help :)
so useful. thank you
Can i get some help. have downloaded and i have ticked it in UI but still not loading when racing. Do i have to turn on anywhere else?
Please post in the discussion thread or message me if you need help. I'll be happy to assist.
Great app but suddenly I can't get it to load into the game - through CM or through main game launcher - I select it to load, but when playing, it doesn't show up on "My Apps" list.
A must for single screen or low-FoV users. Or even triple screen users. It is dead accurate, shows other cars perfectly around you and the settings are also nice. It really helps me being contact-free in the race!
it was good till it stopped working :(
Good apps for people with only 1 screen!
App is great, and the dev is awesome at addressing any bugs that come up!
Just what I always wanted. :-}

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