Caterham Academy Championship Skin Pack

Caterham Academy Championship Skin Pack 1.0

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This pack of 30 skins is designed for offline use against the ai in the fantastic Caterham Academy mod, and should give the feeling of being part of a genuine entry-level club championship, with you driving against various other "real" people, rather than some generic or random ai.

Being an entry-level series, you won`t find rows of customised pit tents, fancy helmets or colour matched cars, glove and suit combos. What you will find is a pretty consistent and realistic look while you`re practising, qualifying or racing on the track.



To install these skins, simply copy the "skins" folder into your assettocorsa/content/cars/caterham_academy folder.

I have included the templates needed to paint your own car and accessories, should you wish to do so.

Latest reviews

Muchas Gracias up
Thank you for fresh Skins. Great work.
Superb. Many thanks for your efforts.
Wow these look very good, thank you so much!
nice skinpack thanks
Love these skins, wonderful job!!! I have a question though about the "Priority" line in each car's JSON file. What is that used for? Thanks again for sharing your work with everyone!!
Thanks tim :)

I have no idea what the priority line is for... Almost all Kunos default cars have the priority lines in there for each set of skins starting at 1 and counting upwards (apart from some of the rushed recent content they released), so I figured it was worth doing it myself in case there was some mysterious and secret reason it should be there.

Duplicating the priority line value for two different cars causes no problems at all, so it can`t be that important, whatever it is.
This is how skins should be - realistic, simple and none of that fake Marlboro / Red Bull / Liveries from other cars plastered on to another car nonsense. Thank you for uploading and also for the PSD template! PS What is the name of the font you used for the race car numbers? Been trying to find something like that for ages.
Thanks :)

The font is the freeware UK Number Plate font I supplied with the template. It was just heavily edited to turn it into the numbers used on the car. There really is no exact match I`ve found for that particular font.
Perfect - thanks! :)
Thank you!
cool pack!
Thank you. I haven't even installed these skins yet, but I am so grateful someone was kind enough to build them I am giving you a 5Stars just for that. Also I think you'll get a 5ver for their quality too from what I can see.
Wow cool and quality skins pack , cheers and thanks mate ! :)

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