Chandon Champagne Bottle

Chandon Champagne Bottle 1.0

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Are you thirsty yet? 'Cause I am, and you should too.
This replaces the generic podium bottle with a fine looking, accurate to real life and sparkling Chandon bottle, traditionally made.


Drink responsibly. Enjoy your taxes.

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  1. Enjoy the spark.

    I accidentally uploaded an empty file initially. Don't worry.

Latest reviews

Really love details like this. AMAZING! :D
Very cool, thanks!
Love it!
Thank you
Awesome! - Thank god for modders eh! :)
Fantastic texture mod :)
Thank you so much for doing my request! You actually pulled it off! Looks great.
chiess ;)
Excellent! thanks mate!
I have been waiting for someone to do this! Thank you very much :)
I'm a thirsty boy!

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