Circuit du belvédère Tunis - Tunisia

Circuit du belvédère Tunis - Tunisia V1.2 long avec rond point

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We are happy to share with you the mod of the legendary Belvedere circuit where the races of the Tunisian national championship "Tunisia Challenge" take place.
Tunisia Challenge is an official competition organized by the Tunisian Automobile Federation which is the official representative of the FIA in Tunisia.
About ten racing cars equipped with a maximum of 1.6L engines (atmospheric) are authorized to participate on the mythical circuit of the belvedere.

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For the most generous among you, a tip is possible. It will allow us to further improve the circuit and offer you updates.

Thank you all!!

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Latest reviews

Bonjour, merci pour votre beau circuit, je ne connais pas la Tunisie, je suis belge, mais je suis heureux que des francophones nous pondent d'aussi beaux et intéressants circuits, qui nous apprennent de plus des choses intéressantes sur leur beau pays (ma femme connais très bien). Désolé pour les remarques impolies d'Alguecool à votre encontre, la grossièreté et le manque de respect sont une plaie de cette époque.
Je suis heureux de pouvoir rouler en Tunisie sans être pour de vrais en Tunisie. Merci et bonjour à vos proches.
Super !
I think is a great track, no need high power cars to enjoy the driving, great!
I may enjoy it with time, but I cannot give it a 5 now for a few reasons.
First, the advertisment. Dude, that's... not how we do that. Starting with "look how generous and friendly we are by offering you this for FREE, UNLIMITED in time (wow), to compensate (??)..." Are we suppose to be sorry for you ?
No pictures, no presentation of the track, no trackmap... And in "updates" some pics, the majority of... not the track. And a vlog advert all over the place. Wow. That's... not appealing. like, at all.

Still, I didn't want to be rude, I tried the track. So, a fair review : only 10pits, it's a shame, the AI looks like it could handle more (with a few hints on the hard corners), doesn't look bad (the trees and bushes are ugly but the rest seems fine), there are lights for night racing, track surface seems okay, a bit harsh but it's expected so all good. The track is good, there is hard work behind, nothing fancy right now but ready for more, It could deserve 5 stars for sure, and I would love to give it, but man... you're sharing a trackmod on a public website, not a business.
Thank you very much for your review, it can help us for future updates.

This mod is the first of its kind in North Africa generally and in Tunisia specifically and was intended for sale before being shared here.
So you can be rude or sarcastic and it's normal because you don't know the story behind this mod which cost us a lot of money and a lot of effort and years ... you also don't know the story and the importance of this mythical circuit for Tunisian pilots, simracers and the tunisian petrolhead community
We don't ask to be sorry for us but respectful because sharing the circuit for free with the community is already something!

We paid a professional out of our own salaries to do it, whether it was perfect or not, we ended up sharing it for free with no income, so yes we can say for free and unlimited. this is how we do things here!

it's the first time we've shared here and we're not ashamed to say that we don't know how to do it correctly (missing photos...etc). being an elder with more experience you could have shown us how to do it instead of attacking us for free.

anyway thank you very much for your review and your 4 stars. we take your return into consideration

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