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Cockpit Tyre Scrub Sound (Volume Reduction) 1.01

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This mini-mod just changes the tyre scrub sound volume when you are in the cockpit, no other sounds are changed.

I find the default a little loud, so now you have a choice, without having to turn down the volume for ALL sound effects.

Choice of decibel reduction, with a .wav file for each volume (-20db is the lowest volume)


Latest updates

  1. Just an update to the install text file - No need to re-download

    Install.txt file updated to to make the install instructions clearer. i.e Choose the folder...

Latest reviews

Graham Laing
Graham Laing
Thank you :)
Thanks for this.

I use the -20 and find it much better than the original.
Graham Laing
Graham Laing
Glad you like it. No skill involved in making it though :)
Graham Laing
Graham Laing
Thanks, you're welcome

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Graham Laing
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