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Content Manager - "Universes" Track Category 1.1

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This requires at least the lite version of Content Manager.

This is a Content Manager extension that adds a new "Universe" category under the track list, organizing fictional tracks by the game that they came from with symbols. This was for my own personal use at first, but maybe this might help other people in organizing their tracks better.


Available categories (and the tags used to sort them):
Daytona USA (daytona usa)
Final Fantasy (finalfantasy)
Forza Motorsport (forza)
Gran Turismo (gran turismo)
GRID (grid)
Halo (halo)
Hot Wheels (hot wheels, acceleracers)
Initial D (initial d)
Live For Speed (lfs, live for speed)
Need For Speed (nfs, need for speed)
Project Cars (project cars, pcars)
rFactor (rfactor, rf, rf2)
Ridge Racer (ridge racer)
Sonic The Hedgehog (sonic)
Super Mario Bros. (mario, mario kart)
Trackmania (trackmania)
TRON (tron)
Wangan Midnight (wangan, wangan midnight, wm, wmmt5)

How to install:
Drag and drop into AppData/Local/AcTools Content Manager. If prompted, merge any folders.
Easiest way to find the AppData folder is to type "%AppData%" (without quotes) into the start menu.

Hope you enjoy and take care!
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  1. Fixes + New Categories

    - Fixed filters for Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport to be more specific. - Four new...

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How do you make your CM look like that?
This is great! I've tagged all my tracks (over 400) some months ago and now I have the categories for the tags. Maybe you can also add "Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC)", "Automobilista (AMS)", "RaceRoom", "Netcar pro". And a version with some modders like "doublezero", "LilSki", "Sergio Loro", "Nukedrop (Tyrone)", "Gunnar333", "Johnr777", "RMi Wood", "Shin956" would also be great.
Alphonse Uprising
Alphonse Uprising
Glad you like it! The category is only for *fictional* tracks from other games, so it doesn't count if they're real world tracks. I might look into the ones you've listed if they have any fictional tracks. I'll also think about doing a category for modders :)
it's hard to find some tracks,because they don't have correspond tag,but still have space to gran turismo part,you can write,tag:gt & tag:sport | tag:gran turismo.forza part,tag:forza | tag:*fm*.you can find out more.

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