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"Coppa Carotti" GSCextreme new track 2014-07-03

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This track is my rFactor conversion* for Game Stock Car Extreme of the famous "Coppa Carotti" hillclimb (race organized by ACI Rieti for the Italian and European speed mountain championship).

The name of the cup is dedicated to the Rieti pilot Bruno Carotti, died in September 1950 while disputing this race on the route Rieti-Terminillo.

The start is in the area of Lisciano (at km.5,400 of S.S.4bis) with the arrival at km.20,500 situated on the same street in Campoforogna location.
The 15 km. of the track run along a vertical drop of 1.125 meters and an average gradient of 8%.
The characteristics of the road (steep sections interspersed with medium-speed, four hairpin turns and one chicanes) make these one of the fastest and most selective route of Europe.

In the 2011 edition race recorded a tragic fatal accident... aboard his new BMW 134 Judd V8 loses his life the German driver Georg Plasa.

The 2012 edition was canceled for lack of funds, due to the general economic crisis.

The 2013 edition of "Coppa Carotti" and 1st "Tribute to Georg Plasa" relaunched the competition.

In this 2014, the 52nd edition of the hillclimb will race the next september 13/14.

The "Coppa Carotti" hillclimb overall record has been obtained in the 2010 edition on a Osella Fa30 Zytek by Simone Faggioli driver that at the end of the race recorded the sensational time of 5 min 23 s 812.



* Thx for original track to Stefano Casella, Salvo Pantano, Roberto Musto, Cristian Rossi and Alessandro Prosperi.

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I've been going up this hill for almost 40 years. And being able to ride virtually on it, is just a dream come true. Thanks for the hard work!!!
Very nicely done. Fast and challenging. I keep having another go!

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