Corvette C6R 2013

Corvette C6R 2013 1.3.5

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Latest updates

  1. Corvette C6R 2013 1.3.5

    - New V10 tire model - Updated V3 aerodymanics model - Fog lights blinking in pit lane - Updated...
  2. Corvette C6R 2013 1.3

    - updated skin preview images - updated lights - more bright display data - add dash cam - add...
  3. Corvette C6R 2013 1.2.1

    - fixed FR brake disc glow

Latest reviews

the car dash goes on and off when playing with rain then my game crashes.
I really liked this mod. Thanks!
I actually prefer this C6R over the original GT2 cars in the game. Amazing work, a must have for every GT and endurance lover.
A very nice mod. However the center mirror does not work, at least on my end. I cannot see anything behind me. I can adjust the mirror L/R and see far left or far right. Seems as if there is no rear window to see out of. As of the review current CSP 39063 and current preview version 1.79 preview 5. This is not the only car with a center mirror that I have this issue with. I have a couple others as well. So maybe it's on my end? I'll go back to where I found the referral. Simtribe and see if his is working in his youtube video. Would have given a 5 star rating though for sure!
Very fun to drive. Thanks :)
Windshield wipers are causing the LCD screen to bug out and not display properly = killing immersion in first person view. Pls fix.
Really good, thank you :)
Thank you!
0k Gracias =)
Excellent looks, sound and feel! Great job on this Corvette monster and thank you!!!
Thank you so much! This car is awesome!
Superb car. Hard to handle with all that power but the sound is amaaaaazing! Many thanks.
AMAZING CAR. im soo impressed the car feels soooo good.
i like it soo much that this is the only car i have rated and i would highly recommend it and i think it deserves 10 stars.
Nice car!!
Driven in 1H SRS races a while ago. Makes a ton of fun. Looks and sound are just awesome.
Awesome Car
C6.R Take no prisoners
Super good add-on!
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡

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