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Crew Chief json file for AMS2-with mappings list. 3.1

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Please, read me first...
I may update this part [ Description ] from time to time.
Check the update link as I posted an update version 3.1 as of 04-18-2022 there are some additional notes there.

UPDATE for 4-8-2022
I have not been running AMS2 for quite some time. But I got the itch so I ran some races. I knew there had been several updates to AMS2 since. I noticed that the devs have made some changes to the way the pit options menu works therefore a lot of the settings (mappings) in the this resource are out dated! I had to redo most of my mappings. After this next 1st quarter update for AMS2 in 2022, I might post some updated info targeted at new users to hook them up. Thanks for all the likes!

Updated 1/6/2022
[ Notes and Hints at the bottom ]
This should give anyone a good idea of how to configure Crew Chief to work not only with AMS2 but with any sim.
I personally do not like to use pre race strategies. I've got to be able to perform pit strategies on the fly, without pushing buttons and navigating a menu while driving, I'm positive that's why Crew Chief was borne in the first place. This also allows for more extended races and I can up the fuel and tire usage and really get into the emersion of the sim.
Since AMS2 had a major update [ July 2021 ] and some if not all had to remap here is the most updated json file along with key mappings list as requested by Norbs [ thank you for the input, made the resource more useful. ]
The maps to your wheel buttons or what ever you use may have to be set by you or reconfigured in Crew Chief, we each may have a personal preference on what buttons provide a certain function.

In this version I redid several of the confirmation messages for AMS2!
[ away from the standard "ok" "acknowledged" ]
See also link for additional resources. [ videos ]

Back up your file first! Using this one will overwrite any macros you may have made for other sims. This file supersedes all others you may have found at other sites and was designed specifically for AMS2 but will work with any sim in the list as long as macro configuration for that particular sim is done.
rename this download to match default stated above.
This works or will give you an idea of what is possible with Crew Chief!
Just what I can contribute to the group. Enjoy.
Thank you all for the nice comments and emails!

[ Notes and Hints ]
One radio button does most everything.!
Even control OBS recordings by voice.
When making macros I tested each one before I went on to make another, Why? I have experienced that in Crew Chief at times it did not write a macro correctly to the json file and I had to start deleting macros until I found the one causing the error. CC would simply not respond or give totally wrong responses.
You can change any of the macro commands to what ever you like, because I had to use words the the voice recognizer would respond to with minimal repeating on my part.
I try to use words that do not sound too much the same...reduces the chances of a command error [ example: say "lights" but the wipers came on ] so say 'head lights" no other command starts with head.
My go to is voice but I have a few buttons mapped in case a command does not perform the action as it should. Especially Pit limiter. And this is just because I'm pumped in the heat of a race and voice command simply did not respond due to being under pressure by my opponents.
Caution! try to adjust your strategy at the end of the turn and the beginning of a straight...cause you might miss your next turn LOL.
Added 1/6/2022
When I first posted this I was using my 7.1 headset from my ps4. Since then I bought a Cloudx 7.1 with a boom mic, the Sony hs has built in mic. I can say that voice recognition is knocking 100% (no repeats) The Sony had great sound but a poor mic for use with CC.
I also created new additional Macros for fuel. Commands are ( and you can make the liters according to your on liking.
Fuel Maximum= 175L
Fuel Medium=110L
Fuel Low=60L
Fuel Reserve=30L
I like to use high tire wear and fuel use, forces AI and myself to pit, makes a 16 to 32 to whatever lap race challenging and I don't have to use Liter commands ( example: one hundred seventy five liters ) easier and quicker to say "fuel maximum" except when getting down to the end of race if my 30L was not close enough. End of update-1/6/2022
Got to love Crew Chief!

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