Quick Car Authentic Digital Gauges (individual) for Simhub.

Quick Car Authentic Digital Gauges (individual) for Simhub. 4.1

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Make sure you download version 4.0
As seen in the youtube shorts! But all polished up! Thanks for all the comments and input!
Unzip and read the install text. It's easy !
Special Note: Since Assetto Corsa does NOT send out oil pressure and water temp shared data all I did was use the hardware64 plugin and I have it set to monitor CPU TEMP.
CPU TEMP varies to mock oil pressure.
WATER TEMP is just cpu temp x2.
However here is what hardwareinfo has done...the free version only allows a 12 hour time limit on shared memory!
so if these two gauge quit the you must manually start the shared memory again or just purchase the PRO version which lifts this limit. The Tach and Fuel operate all the time.

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