Tachometer Overlay for Assetto Corsa.

Tachometer Overlay for Assetto Corsa. 1.01 Final

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I'm trying to learn this at 63.
It might be simple but it works. Still took some hours to make though!
Just unzip it and there is a install.txt It's easy.
The first time I uploaded I forgot the support graphics. Duh! Sorry about that.
This is calibrated too! I compared 2-3 cars and all read same as default car tach. Oh and I'm sure many know if you want to have this on a second screen or a phone then make a dupe of it and create a dash. Looks good on second screen and my extra phone. Check out my YT channel clickersnapper01 to see it and others in action. Enjoy!
cya on the tracks.
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