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Custom Database mod (For 2015 season data pack) 2

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In this mod I have changed Team and drivers performance for the 2015 mod.

Tier 1:
Williams (a bit slower)

Tier 2
Toro Rosso
Red Bull

Tier 3
Force India

I have changed the qualifyng ability, the new qualifyng skill is similar with the tier

Latest updates

  1. update 2

    Added mechanical failure

Latest reviews

Sauber is too low. They are 4th after Williams at the constructurs currently. Yes they will probably drop down but right now it is the way it is, they should switch place with STR. No Manor either? Mclaren should be over Lotus and SFI should be over Both of them. If you at least try to go by the constructors standing, or look at nasr when he comes in at 5th place and around the same two races in a row I would use your mod and rate it much higher. If you do this I will ofc re rate it, but if you answer me then I can't re rate the mod
I don't seem to have the updated names, eg. Vettels skins are Ferrari but Alonso's name in race and menus.
Where is Manor?
in tier 4
looks nice

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