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Database for Toyota TRD F1 Team (skin) ,Sony Honda (skin) and McLaren - Honda (also skin) V 1.2.1

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Hello RD ,This is my first post so ......if any problems occur ,I'll fix the database ASAP .Please give me some comment : ) (Warning : Since it's still in Stage Beta so it might crush so make backup please !)Update :It was fully tested no issue occur when testing .
More competitive race by giving Japanese a Japanese engine ! (not really :() Honda and McLaren got 770 HP and Toyota got 735 HP
What is this ? Names corrected (eg ,MP4-30 ,RA114) , New Engine sound and database modified also and just for these skins ,(Which useless for somebody) but photo aren't finished .
Just now ,Sauber and Rosso Tosso in Tier 4 ,Force India and Lotus in Tier 3 ,
Williams ,Red Bull , Honda and Toyota Tier 2 ,Ferrari ,Mercedes and McLaren in Tier 1
Caution : This mod will break season challenge's balance also the career since "Marussia" and "Caterham" will be much more powerful.
Toyota :
Honda :
McLaren : (suggested)
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Latest updates

  1. Better Gear Ratio

    Better gear ratio ! Easily reach 8th gear and speed up to 350+ km/h at Monza ! (I just do it on...
  2. Gearbox and Horsepower tweak

    So I give up the project of Nissan for now and keep working on Toyota and Honda until F1 2015
  3. Really Replaced William logo

    AS TITLE SAID :P Making a new version for New Nissan skin and its part 2 :)

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