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Debugging options mod 1.0

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This mod enables the Debugging Options menu - it is inspired by the similar mods for F1 2013 and F1 2012.

Similarly to the mod for F1 2013, the "Infinite flashbacks" option has been changed to give you 999 flashbacks, as infinite flashbacks doesn't work.

It replaces the "states.bin" file in the "system" folder of your F1 2014 game. Simply download the zip file and copy the "system" folder provided to your F1 2014 game folder.

These instructions are also provided in the README.txt inside the ZIP file.

The new menu item:

The debugging options menu:

There's also a debug menu on the main menu. This is full of leftovers from last year and doesn't seem to function properly - so I've left it disabled.

  • Version 1.0: Initial release. Supports the launch version of F1 2014. Tested and working OK with the PC/Steam Wheel Support Update.

Latest reviews

Great for making chaos in race
Hey man! Nice work but i have 1 quest. Can i get a band from Multi servers or can i play with it in Multiplayer? THX for Answer!
great mod but when i deployed the safety car , how many times he stiil in the race ? When he go to the box antd the race restart? 2,3 or 4 turns ?
can u do for f1 2015?
Thanks at the start I turn on heavy rain and crash my team mate (Grosjean) so he has to pit and then we both go on wet tyres and come 1st and 2nd. Brilliant. thanks
Great mod. Thanks.
whenever I do a flashback, the sound engine and road sound cuts out, and my lap time gains FIVE MINUTES. not good.

I can't reproduce this and I've had no other reports of anything like it. If you've got any more info, please let me know.
I was looking for something like this, thanks!
hi this debug mod is awesome but i have a question can u maybe input the main menu debug where i can change for wich team i can drive at carrer ?
Thanks mate, quite usefull when playing on the extra tracks mod.
fantastic thanks great work
Nice but how come everytime the race start, its red flag? o.O
I've managed to reproduce this now by triggering a red flag after being disqualified from a race. The red flag took effect immediately at the start of the next race.

Other than that, I can't make this happen?
Tested it and it works as it should. No more unrealistic wet races in the desert and no more issues about safety car not deploying or red flags. Also it's handy for calling out the safety car when the track is too wet to race on. Thank you so much! Excellent mod!

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